Tuesday, October 9, 2012

-  outdated post from 30th Sept 2012

- was thinking if I should blog about this coz i'm freaking tired now
but a gold medal definitely deserved to be blogged about!!! 

Team Psyco did it again!

Yes "psycho" without the 'h' is to prove how Psycho they are!!!
(too psycho to recognize spelling!)

We emerge as defending champion for the third year now!!!

SSRC Paintball Tournament
Our gold medals since 2010

Am just happy that I get to play together with the pro players..
.. and we really did KICK ASS!!! woot!!!

There are a total of 8 teams from different BU
who joined the SSRC Inter-Division Paintball Tournament 2012.

This time we played at Dome Paintball, Summit USJ instead of Padang ASTAKA, PJ.
Dome is an air-conditioned arena, but is smaller in size.

I prefer the Padang ASTAKA coz it is gonna make you run around under the hot sun 
which will eventually drain your energy - this is why we play sports right? :P

Joyce Yap paintball
Capt sayang me so much that he brought his paintball mask and jersey just for meee...
"Ini amoi kena jaga baik-baik.. lebam nanti x cantik!"... bluek :P

psyco ssrc
Team Psyco led by Capt Razali / Uncle Zali aka Uncle Z

Psyco SSRC
Setia Eco Park team rockz!

The battle was hard for me physically coz I made a very bad call.

Few days BEFORE the battle Barry did gua sa for me,

then I went for a 2 hours session of traditional massage at Amante.
Kept telling them "harder... yes harder!!!" (sound so wrong...)

Both gua sa and massage proved to be a bad timing!


Skin sore from gua sa on 27/09/12

Muscle pain from the massage on 29/09/12

Was pushing my body to the limit during paintball on 30/09/12

After paintball, my body collapsed of exhaustion.