Thursday, October 20, 2011

I was challenging myself when I agreed to join my colleagues for paintball tournament this year. I'm a member in SSRC (Setia Sports & Recreational Club) and joined my team from Setia Eco Park. These bunch of players are REALLY GOOD and to prove it, they gotten champion last year against many other strong headed team! ....and this year they asked me to joim them??!!!

So yeah I agreed to give it a try! Second time for me but I'm up to a few game of pain!

Played a total of 5 games, got shot a few times and YEAH WE HOLD THE CHAMPIONSHIP again this year!

I was in the same team as all the pro player and am just glad that I did not slow them down in any way.

Some photos to share...

Team PSYCO with their gold medal

Team Killer Factory on second placing

Team Jauh Dari Selatan with bronze medal

Still bearing the pain of the 'souvenirs' given by the opponent team to me!

The biggest souvenir just below my armpit! Damn it for limiting my flexibility to move my arm around! Haha!

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