Friday, October 28, 2011

The unexpected happened again.

Let me put it in point form for better understanding..

  • I have called my colleague (site supervisor) number for like hundred of times per day for the past one year. So eventually my fingers would be pressing his number automatically whenever I need to call him..

  • And so after a one week holiday, here I am back at work.

  • Need to follow-up some cases and so the most natural thing to do, dial his number.

  • Called few times no answer. Thinking "this guy must be sleeping at site!"

  • Called again and find it weird coz someone picked up the phone saying "Harlow" but doesn't sound like him.

  • Dial the same number again and realized "OMG THIS IS NOT HIS NUMBER!!!" and hang up quickly.

  • Sat still and think why did I press this number so casually / automatically for so many times?? Thinking if I know this number? Hmmmm....

  • Finally realized that the number I've been dialing belonged to my ex-bf!!! Someone whom I have broken up with for 6 years and have not been in touch ever since!!!

I realized this is not the first time of me calling him. It happened a few times where my finger would automatically dial his number UNCONSCIOUSLY although my mind was thinking about calling someone else!!! Guess somewhere somehow the thought of him stick in my subconscious mind due to the pain he had given me in our past relationship.

Just wanted to blog about it to release what is in my mind. Better voice it out than keeping it in my heart. Do not want anything no matter how small or tiny is it, to be related with him in my heart.

(Kind of emo doubting if I have moved on)

Sorry for this post for those who love and care for me.