Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Did not get to any Oktoberfest 2011 yet, but let me do Oktoberpost as I have not posted anything for this month! Keke...

** Beef noodles @ Lai Foong Kopitiam in Petaling Street **

Located at Jalan Tun H.S Lee, K.L and conveniently just beside Petaling Street, this place have been a favourite beef noodles destination for me and my dad! Dad has been a frequent patron ever since he was a young man, and I continued this "tradition" of following him there since I was a young girl.

(photo taken from google.com)

(photo taken by Joyce Yap)

The thick and flavourful beef noodles are the best in Malaysia! I especially like the stomach part.. Yummmyliciousss!!!

(dry kuey teow with beef balls)

I prefer the soup noodles with all the cow spare parts...

** Molly **

Vince adopted a puppy for Jebsen because Toro (his pet dog) died few weeks ago. Molly is the adopted puppy who had stayed with us for 1 night before we surprised Jebsen with it. And the one night of having Molly around was chaotic! Can't stand her whining when we left her outside for the night.. Just a 3-months puppy can melt your heart just by whining... seriously!

I was down with cough and flu at that time but this puppy cheered me up and having Molly around is better than any medication a doctor could prescribed to me! :)

Molly climbing up on me to kiss / lick me.. muax!

Molly just resting on my lap

Looking pale and sick but Molly is the centre of attention in all the photos! :)

** In Perfect Harmony **

SP Setia is the Gold Sponsor for a musical by Dama Orchestra. This musical bring us back to the 70's and the songs that are popular back then, and until now.

Knowing that Zainal Abidin would be the special guest, I just could not help myself but to rush for it!

It is a 2 hours 30 minutes show and every penny spent on the ticket (RM153) is worth while! Patrick Teoh (www.niamah.com) is the narrator while Douglas Lim played the D.J.

Every single song that was sung in this musical could relate to my childhood (or even my parents), and I actually prefer the first and second act where they sing Dancing Queen by the legendary ABBA, Staying Alive/Night Fever/Tragedy by Bee Gees, That's What Friends Are For (one of my favourite song) and whole lot of MJ's song like We Are The World, Thriller, Beat It, Black and White and Heal The World

My leg was shaking the entire performance, and if I could, I wanted to stand up to sing aloud and dance with them!

The third act compromises more contemporary songs from Boyzone, Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga's song. It was fun to watch, but I would prefer more oldies actually.

And Zainal Abidin really WOW-ed me with his powerful voice! He may be older now, but his voice is still as powerful as when I listened to it when I was young! I just love 'Hijau' and really admire him for expressing his grieve and thoughts about our earth and environment through his song. He also sang P. Ramlee's Getaran Jiwa and the song where he sang with Sheila Majid Ikhlas Tapi Jauh.

And I had the time of my life when I get to take a photo with this iconic singer. Although he is an international artist, but he is very humble and down to earth. Truly loves him.... :)


With my idol who sang Hijau, I hereby present Zainal Abidin!!! I am still in disbelief looking at this photo.

** Hanoi - Halong - Sapa - Tam Coc **

The last thing on my post is.... I WILL BE HEADING TO VIETNAM NEXT WEEK!!!

Hip hip horray!!! Look out for my next post as I may be posting lotsa incredible places and yummylicious food from Vietnam!

And when I'm back, I hope anybody would be kind enough to date me for Oktoberfest! I'm hungry for some beer!!!


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