Thursday, October 13, 2011

Note to myself

Yesterday I was pretty bored and started to browse thru my blog post, particularly the 'Travel' section.

I was so freaking glad that the Joyce few years ago was actually quite hardworking in putting in minor details of her holiday in Bangkok with Alicia, bernard & Teck Sheng. It was a very memorable holiday and one that should be remembered for a long time. I totally forgotten about the trip, the places that I have been to, and all the good food we have tried. And thanks to the blog, my memories are now refreshed!

Thank you to the once hardworking Joyce
and a
BIG BOO to the lazy Joyce now!!!


I, Joyce Yap, hereby vow to blog about all my previous and future holiday as precise as I could. Those long boring blogs are definitely not for reading pleasure, but are mainly to serve as a diary for me to remember on what I have forgotten or may forget soon.


It is known to everyone that I have short-term memory loss and I'm not good at remembering details. Hopefully by blogging it, the memories would stay with me forever.

Jia yu Joyce!!! Don't be lazy yah!!! --> Note and also motivation to myself! *wink*