Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I wish I am feeling better.

I was so tempted by the sight of durian stalls stretching along the road at Balu Belah. If I were to follow my heart and wallop the deliciously looking durians, I would be dead right now.

This poor little kitten was on MC yesterday. It all started with a very bad sorethroat. Then I started to cough and vomit. Diagnosis by the doctor ended with a calling "YOU ARE AN ALLERGY GIRL". Well I guess it's true cause my whole body itches and it has got scar now.. due to allergy, but to what, is still not determined. Doctor said it might be due to dust, as my throat, ear and nose is red.

The 5 minutes check up, 25 minutes of chat between mum and the doctor and antibiotic for 5 days consumption, came out a total bill of RM52. I guess she probably charged for the chatting session with mum. It cost alot to pretend interested while dragging herself over the boredom of chatting with an old lady. So yeah, understood.

Durian durian.. I'll come to you soon!!! I will never be allergic to you my dear fruit king!