Saturday, August 28, 2010

Imagine this..

Me.. in my room, with all the lights switched off, sitting on the floor beside my bed, starring at my mobile which is being charged, just starring at it, blank, nothing on my mind, as if my mind went far deep into the space, accompanied by the only sound exist which is my slow breath, and just waiting there.. for nothing.

I actually think the sight of it is quite scary. Especially in the dark, and the only thing can be seen is my silhouette, with some light from outside near the window. One might think I'm being possessed by a lonely ghost or something.

Then when I was thinking about it, I scare myself because I am actually sitting on the floor alone, starring at my phone in the dark!!! There and then I decided to switch on the lights, and blog about it! I'm one silly person.. Gotta admit it.