Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's gonna be a night of forced diet today.
Mum has left for the night to great aunt place in Serdang.
Leaving me behind, alone, lonely, food-less at home.

Hunger makes me think about food, particularly Japanese - my favourite!

And recently someone asked me where to get good Jap near Klang.
To be frank, Klang offers nothing but bak kut teh.

So the first thing that came into my mind is Zen @ Sunway Pyramid!
It's just 15 minutes drive away from home - IF I'M THE ONE DRIVING!

Reminiscing my visit there although it has been a month or two back... 

Do enjoy the simple and almost-forgotten reviews... :)


I love the choice of salad in Zen. 
We ordered the salad with snow crab which is simply delicious!
Love how the aromatic miso dressing jive with the crunchy leafy salad with juicy crab meat...

salad with crab meat

For appetizer, we were introduced to Zen's cheese baked scallop with Japanese mushrooms.
I remember that this dish is quite pricey - around RM14 per piece.
But it was all worth it looking at the succulent scallops drowned in the
generous portion of my favourite mushrooms.
I could have both myself - but mum always say... "sharing is caring"... :)

cheese baked scallop with mushrooms

And how could one skip the sashimi section in the menu??!!!
For a new sashimi lover like me, we made a good pick 
for variety of sashimi - from salmon, tuna, to octopus.
Zen do serve one of the freshest sashimi I've tasted.

mixed fresh sashimi

One of my must-have dish in a Japanese restaurant - unagi!
I love how thick flavorful unagi melts in my mouth..
We ordered an Unagi Roll and oh-myyy... the unagi is superb!

thick succulent unagi roll

Mini Sukiyaki pot with seafood - it makes me wanna sing!
This hot pot with simple yet delicious ingredient like prawns, 
scallops, tofu, mushroom, vegetables are then cooked with miso soup. 
Served hot, this dish completes our dinner with a warm warm tummy... :)

Feeling satisfied with the sukiyaki... singing... 
"It's all because of you... I'm feeling sad and blue.. 
You went away.. Now my life is just a rainy day..."

sukiyaki pot with seafood

 I guess this blog post didn't really help me tonight.
Dinner is three beautiful pears given by the office for the Health Week. 

Am looking forward to visit Zen again.
Heard they've got buffet too! Hoorray! 


Address: 3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-7492 4922