Sunday, March 31, 2013

The filial son Barry Yap needed a short break and
have decided to go Cameron for some fresh air... with his mum!

Feeling guilty that I might have neglected my parents with my after-work activities,
I asked for Barry's permission if I could tag along... with my parents!

Barry said yes.
Mum said yes.
Dad said no.
He wanted to keep Lexie company at home.

So we went... bringing both the Mrs. Yap to Cameron.

On the way there, we stopped at Tapah R&R (on renovation now),
and I gotten one of my favourite fruit - pomelo!

I've always loved the juicy pomelo, and the sweet smell of the pomelo skin.
Do you know that pomelo skin can help to get rid of mosquitoes and bugs?
Keep it in your closet and voila.. bugs off!

Pomelo skin - if cut nicely, can be a good looking hat too!
Proven with the below photo... (laughing off holding my stomach in pain)

joyce yap blog joycelifebits cameron

Night came and cooling weather come greeting us.
Good weather to have hot steamboat with fresh vegetables from Cameron.

Walked thru a few shops and saw Winnie.
Found out that her dad is the owner of SilverStar Hotel & Steamboat.
Our dinner place is set then! :)

Had charcoal steamboat there.
Yuhmieee.. love the fresh ingredients!

One thing that I would think twice while taking charcoal steamboat
is when the black charcoal bits flew down from the 'chimney'.

It's very unhealthy and it is advisable to scoop it out from the soup.

joyce yap blog joycelifebits cameron
Thank you Winnie for your kind hospitality! :)

It's funny how having mum to nag me about having sleeveless attire in Cameron.
Then both of them nag Barry about not bringing any sweater / jacket.
Mums.... *sigh*

joyce yap blog joycelifebits cameron

The next day we followed Hill Top Travel & Tours for a full day tour.
Hill Top Travel & Tours are easily recognized by their 4x4 Land Rover,
it has got a big cow's horn.

Feeling adventurous, we took the De' Rainforest Seeker's package
which itinerary is to visit..
  • Gunung Brinchang (6,666 ft)
  • Short trekking to Mossy Forest (oldest forest in Cameron)
  • Tea Plantation & Factory
  • Butterfly Farm
  • Waterfall
Wanted to see The World's Biggest Flower - Rafflesia,
but was told that it is not in the season.

Took the front seat in the Land Rover for better photo taking opportunities

Photos of Hill Top Land Rover, the view tower of Gunung Brinchang,
the famous traffic jam in the one lane road to Teh Boh Plantation,
and our impatient driver who eventually stepped out to help in resolving the jam.

Mum and I bought a RM9.90 rubber shoe which is undeniably ugly looking,
but is sooooo comfy and has got super good grip during our trekking
at the short trail of Mossy Forest.
Everything we step on/ lean on / touch has got moss in it.
Those interested must definitely bring suitable shoe for the trekking.
Else, you can always wear the ugly looking shoe - get it from the shop beside Starbucks.

jungle trekking at moss jungle

After huff and puff from the trekking, 
we then proceed to the Butterfly Farm.

Aside from the beautiful butterflies,
our attention was caught by the Leaf Insects and Walking Sticks.

Leaf Insects is an insect that looked like a green leaf.
In fact, it was hard to distinguish it from the green leaves on the tree.

Another special insects there is called the Walking Stick.
It is a long insect with a body shape that mimics the branches.

Both the insects looks like part of the plant so that they can hide from birds and other predators.

How cool is that huh!!!

name of insect that looks like leaf and insects that look like tree branch
Leaf Insects and Walking Sticks at Butterfly Farm, Cameron Highlands

The beauty of nature to love, appreciate and maintain...

beautiful vivid color butterfly

Plants and flowers also grow very well in the cool weather of Cameron.

poster tulip cameron highlands

compilation of flowers beautiful cameron highlands

beautiful cactus at cameron highlands

Having refreshed eye-sight looking at the beautiful nature,
we were brought to a new waterfall site on the way down to Simpang Pulai.

To our dismay, it was raining heavily when approaching our destination.
We have got no choice but to turn around and opt for other place to visit.

Went to Time Tunnel, Local Market Square and Buddhist Temple.
All three places to make up for our disappointment not having to swim at the waterfall.

Our mums were pretty amazed and excited in the Time Tunnel.

They talked about how they used to see those items during their younger days.
And how their mothers, or grandmothers used to have those antique collections.

joyce yap blog joycelifebits

At the Buddhist Temple that we went to pray two years in a row.

joyce yap blog joycelifebits

When the night comes, we brought our mums to where we used to stay.

They loved it! Saying that they felt like their out far from Malaysia.

joyce yap blog

Oh ya, we stayed at The Heritage Hotel for two nights.
It was a decent and clean hotel with spacious room.
We were offered a free upgrade to Deluxe room - with two queen sized bed.

the heritage hotel cameron breakfast
Enjoying my breakie..

And while our mums chat without a pause for the whole three days,
we were goofing around infront of the camera.

Sweet. Cute. Retarded.
You say it, we have it!

joyce yap blog joycelifebits

joyce yap blog joycelifebits

It was fun to have mommies around for holidays.
One of the best satisfaction is when we see that they truly enjoyed themselves.

Second satisfaction comes from eating.
Yeah, pastries like pie and sausage roll at Starbucks,
breads and tarts from Teh Boh Plantation,
and our must-have scones at Bharat Tea Plantation.

It was shame to know that my anticipated visit to The Starwberry Moment Cafe
for my chocolate fondue was forced to be cancelled as the cafe was closed.
Winnie said that the owner have earned enough money and do not need to go on with this business.

Pity... that's really a good place to have sweet desserts and fondue! :(

cameron highland food pastries scones

Nevertheless, just wanted to say THANK YOU to Barry for having us.


Kayvin Sia said...

awesome pics

Joyce Yap said...

Thank u.. Using Canon, and with minimal editing.. :)