Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The word GRILL does make you droll huh?
I know I am drooling now.

My previous blogspot about Hing Ket Grill House is lacking of 'visual aid'.

So here it goes... photos and all.
Thanks to my office laptop I'm blogging now!


Hing Ket Grill House is located at Kampung Jawa.
Location wise is very hard to describe but there are
few bloggers who manage to give precise turning point.

Hope the below direction from other blogger would be of help.

  1. It is located off the main road along Kampung Jawa, Klang.
  2. If you come from Fed. Highway, after toll, go straight. 1st viaduct, go up.
  3. At roundabout, turn left. (condos in front) 
  4. When you reach traffic lights, take left. There’ll be shop lots on the left.  
  5. Go straight. At traffic lights, turn right.You’ll come to a T-junction, turn left there.
  6. Travel down that road, quite a distance. Shop is on your right so you’ll hv to keep a lookout (at a curvy part of the road).
  7. This shop is sandwiched btw a house and another shop.(the whole area is called kg. jawa)
  8. Not far from Connaught Bridge TNB Power station

Hing Ket Grill House
Lot 3569 Batu 3¼
Kampung Jawa, 41000 Klang
Tel: 03-3371 3913 / 03-3371 0861
Opened from 11.30 a.m till 2.30 p.m and 5.30 p.m till 10.30 p.m.

This place has been one of our favourite place for baked crab and grilled lamb chop.
Other dishes are pretty normal.

Japanese bean curd in sizzling plate.
Tasted good just like how it should be.
No complaint in this.

Love their fried vegetables.
Simple and tasty.

Kampung chicken on the other hand is a little bit too stiff / hard.
Guess kampung chicken texture is always like this.
But the gravy tasted good being eaten with rice.

Deep fried squids - MUST HAVE!
I love the flour they used. So crispy and the squids are not chewy.

Fried fish with ginger.
One may think that fried fish may taste dry and unappetizing.
But this one in particular, is topped with ginger and some oil.
Very nice and aromatic.

Ah-haaa!!! The main character is here!!!
Grilled lamb is the main reason why people come to Hing Ket Grill House.
By the taste of it, we know it's very well marinated.
It's so tender and taste yummylicious with the given mint sauce!
Thumbs up!

Chilli crab.. what can I say.
Yummy! What's missing is some fried mantou. 

Baked crab! My favourite!
This place serve one of the most succulent firm crab meat!
When a crab is fresh, any kind of simple cooking method would be sufficient to bring out the crab aroma!
In this case, the baked crab is sweet and juicy.