Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ventured into a new place that is popular among the coffee enthusiasts - like Chriz!

She advertised not only the coffee there, but claimed that
Brew & Bread serves one of the best Egg Benedict ever!

We went to witness ourselves how good that place is,
right after climbing up 272 stairs at Batu Caves.
(photos up soon from Chriz DSLR and my Canon compact)

Brew & Bread photo taken online

It took us two hours from Batu Caves to Kota Kemuning due to bad jam caused by overturned bus.
Kan cheong thinking "are we gonna make it for the breakfast menu???!!!"

Arrived at noon.

So relieved when the waitress said "Yes we still serve breakfast...."

FYI, it's a "All Day Brunch",
so yes, you can sleep in,
and still have breakfast / brunch here anytime of the day...

We were greeted by the smell of fresh coffee and breads when we walked in,
I'm loving the place already just by the smell of it.

Not to mention the comfy, cozy, cooling ambience.

Since we are at Brew & Bread, we need to get something that are brewed, isn't it?

Chriz as usual with her Caramel Latte,
Delvise had Mocha and
Vince had Ice Blended Rocky Road.

They all said that they enjoyed their drinks.

When I was thinking about coffee or non-coffee,
something caught my eye - ANGRY BIRD!
So I asked the waitress - what's this Angry Bird thingy?!

It's a Hot Choco apparently.

But with my child-like excitement seeing Angry Bird on a cup of coffee,
she said I could order anything - and she'll make me an Angry Bird on it!


Wanted to get a Chilled-Mint Mocha but it's a
cold beverage - not Angry Bird friendly.
I need something piping hot to make that bird angry!


Hot choco then.

From the look to the taste, I enjoyed every sip of it.
The hot choco is thick and filling - and not too sweet.
This Angry Bird ain't that angry afterall. Tee-hee!

angry bird coffee art
Brew & Bread hot choco with Angry Bird coffee art!


As per Chriz recommendation, we ordered the Eggs Benedict 
which comprises of the must-have-poached eggs, ham,
topped with hollandaise sauce which is the emulsion of egg yolk and liquid butter,
all on top of a soft but crispy ciabatta,
and garnished with sides of fruits, roma tomatoes and potato wedges cubes.

I like to see runny yolks when I break poached eggs... slurp slurpppyy!
The toasted ciabatta goes so well with the eggs and ham - simple, very traditional, I love it!

eggs benedict at its best
Brew & Bread eggs benedict

I love eggs... and mushrooomsss.. especially wild mushrooms!
So when I see the Mush Eggs in the menu,
(omelet wrapped with wild mushrooms in cream sauce),
I just gotta have it!

Prolly I have higher expectation in this dish that I felt fairly disappointed,
there wasn't many mushroom to be found in that piece big of omelet.
But there are small bits of mushroom found the sauce, which made the sauce thick and flavorful.

Not bad - but I wish there's more mushroom since it's called the Mush Eggs! :)

mushroom egg omelette
Brew & Bread mush egg (wild mushroom omelette)

Vince ordered French Toast with Blueberry Jam
which is pretty normal. I would expect the bread to taste more eggy,
and maybe with some brown sugar to sweeten it a lil bit.

french toast with blueberry
Brew & Bread french toast with blueberry jam

The Chicken Roulade on the other hand was surprisingly tasty!
It is chicken thigh rolled with stuffing, coated with black and white sesame,
brown sauce, pumpkin mash, olive oil infused basil and parsley dip.

The description up there was taken from the menu,
but it doesn't really match what we got that day,
nevertheless, I love that the chicken is tasty by itself,
and when topped with the brown sauce and lots of cooked onions,
it tasted whole lot better! Sedap niee!!!

chicken roulade
Brew & Bread chicken roulade


We were pretty full when Vince insisted that we should have desserts.

Dessert at Brew & Bread varies from cakes, muffins, freshly baked pastries, and more.
Most of the selection comes in RM 7 per piece
(which is pricey looking at the size of the dessert),

... and with promo now which is two pieces for RM12, and 3 pieces for RM16,
Vince went for trio-dessert which to my dismay is only visually appealing,
and not up to par.

The tiramisu is spongy and dry - like sponge cake.
Luckily the taste is not as bad as the texture.
With the texture and taste combined of a total point,
I'll only give it a score of 2.5 / 5.0.

Brew & Bread Kota Kemuning tiramisu
Brew & Bread tiramisu

Yoghurt Cheese tasted oo-kay ONLY IF you take
the light cream cheese and yoghurt alone,
but the cookies crunch bed base is soggy, and tasted like crap.
Brew & Bread, you can do better!!!

yoghurt cheese cake
Brew & Bread yoghurt cheese

The All-Chocolate Muffin is better, but NOT aweee-some.
With chunks of chocolate on top, we thought "YUHMMM, this is gonna be sooo chocolatey!"

I love muffins that are moist, but at the same time, with crunchy top.

Break the muffin into half, saw that the chocolate inside is completely molten.
Good sign.
Taste it, love the texture, crunchy outside, moist inside.

But the taste...  it's not chocolatey enough as claimed.
Tasted like an average muffin.

trip desserts

Despite the desserts, I still love their food, and would love to go there again!

I'm keen to try out their pastries, which is gonna be prepared upon order.
Alex Choo (cousin) said that Brew & Bread sandwiches are good too!
Well I might as well....

Those interested, details as below:-

10, Jln Anggerik Vanilla M31/M, Kota Kemuning SA 40460
Open: 8am-7pm; Closed on Thursday.



Kayvin Sia said...

nice pics

Joyce Yap said...

Taken using my S2 aje...

Anonymous said...

you missed out their fettucine pesto! best i've ever tried!