Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fee Fye Fo Fum,
Ask not whence the thunder comes,
Ask not where the flocks have gone,
Or why the birds have ceased their song.
On your way home, tarry not over long….

Watched Jack the Giant Slayer last weekend.

Interesting remake of the original Jack & The Beanstalk.

Handsome actor and actress.
My eyes was affixed looking at the Princess that I felt like kissing her.
Seriously, Eleanor Tomlinson is awesome looking in this movie!

It was a two hour movie,
but felt longer sitting in there,
perhaps because the battle just went on and on,
could not find time to catch my breath.

And the storyline is as per expected.
Jack found some beans,
did what he was told not to,
beans grew to tall beanstalk,
giant came down,
trying to eat all the human they can find,
Jack kill the giants,
Jack save the day,
Jack save Princess in distress,
Jack marry Princess.

Nevertheless, it was a nice movie to watch.

Thanks Vince for the movie passes!!!


Anonymous said...

she got big breast hehehe