Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hi there!

With everyone having smart phones, androids, iPhones, being vain is inevitable.

Yes I'm vain too at times. What you expect? I'm a girl... duh....

With all the photos taken, there are some that I don't like to share it "raw".

It needs certain enhancement.
To cover up my panda eyes... pimples.. (yes all my imperfections).. To adjust the lighting.. To enhance the mood.. And many more!

There are a few photo editor that I commonly use in my Samsung Galaxy S2 and iPod.

But I'm just gonna talk about the Top 5 app that I love using.


First essential photo editing app in my phone is..



It allow me...

a) To look great!

I love using the effects!
Using the right effect on certain photos eliminates fine lines, wrinkles, makes your skin looked smoother, and it added artistic value in the piece of work!

I personally love using effects such as Calm, Vintage, Toy, Tender, Romance & Memories.

joyce yap blog

joyce yap blog

joyce yap blog

b) To celebrate!

There's special edition during celebration like Christmas, Valentines Day etc...
With the frames and stamps, you can always make an e-greeting card with it!

 joyce yap blog

joyce yao blog barry
A Valentine's Day wishes for my buddy who stood by me thru thick and thin,
and still sticking around seeing the worst side of me.

c) To perform a virtual complete make over!

It's more to like cartoonize myself, but ain't this cute...???
You get to choose your hair too! 

joyce yap joycelifebits


This app is used for photos compilation. It caters up to 8 photos in a frame.
I like that Photoshake allow us adjust the gap between photos, and the frames. 
Also we can play around with the edge of the photos. 
Not to mention alot of frame shapes...  

joyce yap blog

joyce yap blog


Photogrid is another great tools to use!
It's similar as Photoshake, but it caters up to 9 photos!
And there are more layout patterns to choose from.
It also has additional function to rotate, zoom in and out, and tilt any desired photos after being put into the frame.
Comes with colorful background too...

joyce yap blog
This is a 9 photos frame. Could use colorful background but I didn't
want it to look messy coz the photos are colorful enough.


This app is Photoshake & Photogrid alike, the difference is, it caters only up to 4 photos.
What's so good about this app since it caters lesser than the previous app?
The photos layout is different.

Look at this photo of me in gold palazzo pants jumpsuit.
Notice how the right frame is bigger than the left one?
Photoshake and Photogrid does not have this function.
But Fotorus offers very limited choice of frame you could use though.

Compiled using Fotorus and wording added using Phonto

Photos are first edited using PICK, then FOTORUS to
put into frame, btw, I snapped a white wall and made it into a photo as background,
and that's where I used PICK again for the Valentine's stamp into the white background.
A specially made Valentine's Day card made for someone I could still call my BEST FRIEND till now!
Loveeee youuuu!!!


Last but not least, an app that you could use to add in wordings.
With selection of fonts, Phonto is very useful to add, edit, change size, tilt writings.

joyce yap blog

So well, have fun exploring with all the recommended apps!!!