Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just like how people go gaga over bubble tea,
we may noticed that ramen shops are mushrooming at the Klang Valley now.

As for myself, I've been loving this Japanese noodle for years,
I've tried a few places and still looking for one specific exquisite taste - Dusukoi-alike ramen.
That place holds a special place in my heart,
coz that's when I fell in love with ramen.

Recently, I have heard much about Marutama Ramen.
There are two franchise at Klang Valley itself,
one at Fahrenheit 88 and another at Empire Gallery.
Curious to find out what all the buzz is about.

Went to Kota Damansara to pick up Rachel Lee on Sunday,
then drove all the way to the heart of KL just for a bowl of noodles at Fahrenheit 88.

Looking thru their menu, I observed that the ramen broth is made of chicken soup.
Was doubting if it's gonna taste as good as the usual pork broth ramen.
They offers choice of spicy and non-spicy too.

We ordered spicy Kakuni Negi Tamago Ramen (RM25) 
which came with a slice of roast pork (cha siu),
two pieces of pork belly, seaweed, spring onion, and seasoned egg.

Added with free flow of fried garlic and sesame, the ramen broth taste heavenly!

The noodles is springy, and kinda taste like wantan mee texture... (aiks!),
well in a good way.

Cha siu and pork belly is soft and tender, and with fats as it should be,
but if I get to choose, would prefer leaner meat tho'.
cha siu pork belly ramen
Karashi Ramen (RM18) + Kakuni Pork Belly (RM7)

Ramen's seasoned egg is always my must-have-add-ons-item.
Marutama's seasoned egg is done perfectly.

Am missing it while blogging now...

aji tamago 3/4 seasoned boiled egg
Aji Tamago (RM2)

We also added another bowl of seaweed.
Taste so good being soaked in the broth.
Rachel enjoyed every bit of it.
So do I.. kekeke!

aosa seaweed
Aosa (RM6)

Another side dish we had that day as the sourish pickle raddish.
Wasn't very impressive this one.

japanese pickle raddish
Namuru (RM5)

Facebook eat first, we eat later... :P

My long drive to KL is worth it.
Although many would say that Marutama serves the best ramen,
I may not agree entirely as there are many more ramen outlets to try out before
I could make such judgement.

My ramen hunting so far has been good at Mai Ramen @ Jaya 33.
But I wonder where they moved to as the outlet there is closed.

 Hokkaido Santouka @ Tokyo Street, Pavilion on the other hand was great at first, 
but it disappointed me during my last visit with Alex.C seven months ago.
Wonder if they have improved since?

Another small ramen place is Ton Chan @ Wisma Cosway
This is the BEST... for Vince. 

Am planning to visit Ippudo. Heard that they are popular among the Singaporeans in the island.

 Menya Mushashi is another place I wanted to try out.

Nor forgetting Kayvin's review on Ikuzo ramen - this I must not miss!

Anybody interested in ramen hunting with me?!!
WARNING : You May Not End Up FAT, But You Will Definitely Gain Some Weight!