Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm in for another great dinner when Sunny boy said that he was very tempted looking at my post of a special dinner prepared by my dear friend Kayvin at S Kitchen Steak House.

And to satisfy his temptation, I brought him there, for my second time at S Kitchen.
With menus on our hand, we were busy chatting away - even before placing our orders.

To realize how much we were missing in each other's life, he had just updated me that he is gonna be a daddy for the third time! His wife is due to deliver to another baby boy next month!
.... and now only I know larhhh?!!!
*gave him a very garang stern look*

Garang-ness cannot tahan lapar also.
Quickly place our order with Kayvin's recommendation on the pasta.

home made bread
Complimentary fresh home baked bread
lavila white wine
Lavila white wine to celebrate him being a daddy again!

My choice of healthy appetizer - Scottish Smoked Salmon Salad!
It has got sliced smoked salmon with thin sliced fennel, capers, onions, mixed salad and lemon dressing.

We both loved the fresh smoked salmon - salty but yummy when paired with the salad.
The pickles and olive brings some balance into the salad and salmon.
This is one of the best salad I've taken! :)

scottish smoked salmon salad
Scottish Smoked Salmon Salad ~ RM27

Sunny boy choice of meat - Mixed Sausages Platter.
Selection of smoked chicken, chicken chili spicy and lamb cranberry sausage served with mashed potato and mixed salad.

Thumbs up for the lamb sausage! It was really good. Love the smell and taste of lamb-lamby aroma.
The smoked chicken on the other hand was pretty normal - it was, just okay.
Chicken chili spicy sausage is wayyy toooo SPICY for me!
It was like they stuffed whole bunch of cili padi in it, or... do they???

I love the side of mashed potato - taste so good with the side sauce. Yuhhhmiee!!!

mixed sausages platter
Mixed Sausages Platter ~ RM42

Kayvin recommended that I have the Spaghetti Chicken Mushroom Aglio-Olio.
It has got olive oil, garlic, white wine, chicken, wild mushroom, parsley and parmesan cheese.

And it was the STAR of the night!
Unlike some aglio-olio which is either too dry, or too oily, this pasta is perfect.
Every single bite of pasta with accompanied chicken and mushroom makes us wanting for more.
We hope there is room for more though, as I unwillingly stopped after a few spoonful coz my tiny tummy can't take no more.

spaghetti chicken mushroom aglio olio
Spaghetti Chicken Mushroom Aglio-Olio ~ RM26

And how could we live without dessert? Had the traditional Creme Brulee.

When my spoon went through the crispy layer of creme brulee, I knew it's gonna be good!
It cracked the top coated of burnt sugar topping, and went inside the perfectly smooth egg custard.
This is the second time I had creme brulee at S Kitchen and they still WOW-ed me!

Have you tried some failed creme brulee? All watery or in semi liquid state ? Eeks!
But fret not! As S Kitchen will serve only GOOD, SATISFYING and DELICIOUS desserts! :)
Joyce Yap blog joycelifebits
Creme brulee ~ RM8

 By the time we finished dinner, you can tell that I'm completely and utterly satisfied!
Look how clean my plate was!
joyce yap blog joycelifebits

Dear friends, please do not freak out seeing the above photo.
I DID NOT lose weight, nor looking like an African child (how ET Chew put it).

I guess it was just my hair, or the blouse I was wearing,
or the photography angle that made me look skinny.
Or probably, I used Photoshop to blow up my head on purpose just to
make my body look smaller!
Ah-haaa!!! Think about it!!!

So.... Thank you Sunny boy for the wonderful dinner!
And congratz for being a daddy again!
More to come....??? Ho Ho Ho!!!! :P
(you know I'm just pulling your leg)


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