Sunday, April 28, 2013

As promised, there are several hot spots in Langkawi that foodies should go for!

The first place that we went for breakfast definitely blown me off.
It's none other than the Red Tomato @ Pantai Cenang.

It was Rachel Koko's brilliant idea to google the nicest place to 
dine in prior to our trip to Langkawi.
And she stumbled across the pages of good reviews for Red Tomato at tripadvisor

Do not mistaken it for a Nasi Kandar place called Tomato (in blue)
which is on the right side (alongside the beach),
while Red Tomato is further down and is on the left side.

Easiest way to locate it is with the pink VW Beetle parked right infront of the restaurant!
Owner has got such a good taste to use it as a promotional stunt,
gimme five Beetle lover! ;)

pink VW beetle

The facade of the restaurant itself stands out among the shops of the same row.
Hope the below photos taken helps to visualize what it's like being at the cozy restaurant.

joyce yap blog

You can see alot of miniature cars / trucks / tricycle as a part of the deco.
It's like a mini antique shop! ;)

joyce yap blog

They've got this old type of glass panel window. 
Funny opening as every latch is meant for around 10 pieces of glasses only.
Can't help but taking photos of it... 

joyce yap blog

The food.. was the greatest part of all.
Peeping thru the vast choices offered in the menu, you may wish to try it all! 
(well, at least that was what I wished for)

From starters to salad,
choice of bread and breakfast like toast, pancakes, croissants, sandwiches, cereals etc,
pasta of traditional offerings to specials like Mexican and Mediterranean pasta,
varieties of meat, chicken & fish,
pizzas, tarte flambe, desserts and drinks,
this place is ideal for me to dine in for the entire 3D2N in Langkawi!!!

joyce yap blog

I was completely awed by my favourite breakfast menu,
and chose the Egg Benedict with spinach topped with sauce bearnaise,
where I get to choose choices of salmon, beef bacon or tomato & fresh mushroom,
served on a bed of homemade bread.

No doubt I chose the salmon, which was slices of smoked salmon in between the egg and bread.

As usual, I got an additional plate of fresh saute mushroom

The Egg Benedict and mushrooms were lip-smacking!

First time ever I've tried eggs benedict topped with spinach.
May sound "eek" at first but it was such a good pairing!
(Gavin may not agree to this coz he requested for my eggs benedict without the spinach)

Also, the salmon is fresh and taste so good for the saltiness to blend into the egg and sauce.

And my friends "stole" some of the mushrooms... we walloped it all! 

joyce yap blog

I was the only one ordered the Eggs Benedict while 
most of them ordered Farmers Choice which is a truly hearty meal of potatoes, tomatoes,
mushrooms, eggs and cheese, with choice of beef bacon, turkey ham or vegetables.

I get to taste a few spoonful and trust me, this is another good choice of breakfast!

The German lady who came to serve us (a group of 16), told us that
the Farmers Choice is like our Asian fried rice where we just throw everything
in the pan and fry it altogether. 

Didn't know by throwing these ingredients and fry it could taste this good!!!

I've also tried their banana pancakes
The banana is sweet and the pancake is soft (not soggy).
I loved it..  seemed like I love everything served here!

May Yuen ordered turkey ham sandwich 
(choices of homemade bread, baguette or croissant),
and her turkey ham croissant looks perfectly fine! 
She said it tasted good - thick slices of hams. 

Later on we found that the German lady is the owner of the place.
No wonder the food taste so authentic!

joyce yap blog

The price may be a little on the higher side,
but it was such a satisfying meal we had,
worth every penny paid!

The German owner gave us all a cute bookmark - just from Red Tomato!

joyce yap blog

If it is insane to go to Langkawi just to dine there again,
then you can just call me crazy - coz that's what I intend to do!!!

Address: No. 5 Casa Fina Avenue, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi, Kedah
Contact: 012-513 6046
Opening Hours: 9.00a.m - 10.30a.m daily