Monday, July 11, 2011

Had an amazing weekend!

Well, Saturday isn't that great because I worked like a mad cow. But Sunday memang best lahh!!! (a better version of Myvi Lagi Best).

Here's the bits of my Sunday...

Approx 10.30am - arrival at Strawberry Park, Gohtong Jaya

I was hoping that the strawberry park could be more lively. There are hardly red ripe strawberries and those that are red and ripe looked odd!

This place promotes self-pick strawberries which are RM6 for every 100gram. And when I say 100gram, trust me, it's not alot!

And those who wants to self-pick, was given a small basket and scissors. Looking at those excited faces, I kinda feel pity for those poor fellas as I bet they would have to walk like 10 rounds in the park and yet could not find enough strawberries that could weigh 100gram. Muahahaa~ *evil grin*

Photos look great tho'! Thanks to Azlan photography skill!

Approx 12.30am - Arrival at BBQ Bukit Tinggi Restaurant

This restaurant is the sole reason of Gavin and I initiate this trip! Azlan, Vivenn, Rachel & Jack had been to this restaurant. We saw their photos in FB featuring steam seafood and we eventually persuaded them to bring us there.

These food has got really weird names. Vegetable rice, seafood pot (hoi sin bou) and snow mountain flying fox (shuet san fei wu)!

Tofu egg, chicken f*ck the wall, and lamb. Seriously.. I didn't make that up! The chicken f*ck the wall is how it is directly directed from Cantonese "kai tiu cheong". The tofu and lamb has got their names too but I forgotten cause I'm partially a 'banana'.

Vivenn wanted to order one of their specialty called "sor hai" --> (no I'm not joking), but the waiter said that the dish is not available on that day because they are lacking of cook and so ordered something more simple.

The owner of this restaurant is very "pa pai". Although there are more people coming into the restaurant, the owner and staffs (who has their hands all tied up due to the crowd), will just let the customers sit down, wait, and finally tell them off "sorry we are not serving anymore, you may leave".


Yet, there are still alot of people going to the restaurant that serves many more interesting food accompanied by attractive names (most of it sound like Chinese proverb or extracted from a Chinese movie or something).

Price : Total damage for 7 pax is RM350.
Contact : Those interested may call Mr. Chan at 012-357 7111 / 012-905 0020 for reservation. We strongly recommend reservation as you will not risk all the way up there for nothing. Furthermore, they will have time to prepare special dishes for you!
Address : P/T. 15792 & 15793, Jalan Bukit Tinggi, 28750 Bentong, Pahang. (Behind BHP Petrol Pump)
This place is quite hard to find for first timers as there are no signage. Just go pass by Selesa Hill Homes, through the tunnel, and look for the BHP just after the tunnel. The Restaurant is located just behind the BHP.

Approx 3.00p.m - Arrival at FLORIA 2011 (Putrajaya Flower & Garden Festival)

I was amused by the size of this festival! And am quite impressed that Malaysia landscapers achieved this standard of gardening. But those who visit this festival on day 3 onwards may find if disappointing as flowers may starts dying already.... haha!

Myself, Gavin Chong & Vivenn Chong (not siblings, but good friends who known each other for 10 years!)

Some of the photos are taken at Strawberry Park while the rest was taken at FLORIA.

The utmost important ingredient in the yummiest weekend - great companionship! These are the jokers... hahaha~ Tan, Gavin, Rachel & Jack!

Approx 5pm - Arrival at Alamanda Putrajaya.

It was my first time there.. and I asked them if I have to do the "turtle walk" since I'm considered a jungle turtle. Hehehehe... Took a light dinner and we then head to our respective home-sweet-home after a long day!!!

Needless to say, we all had hell of a great time! Those bunch friends are fun to be with.. and what a great laughter we had throughout the day!


SS said...

What a great Day!!
Haha i think you eat "Kai Tue Cheong" - Chichen Jump Over Wall right? :P

Joyce Yap said...

Haha~ I thought so too initially.. like a kinky version of Buddha Jump Over The Wall. But it was made specifically clear to my Cantonese-speaking friend that it is meant to sound dirty just like the dish named "Sor Hai".. So instead of "Thiu (jump)", it is "
Tiew (f*ck)"... Hahahaaa~

SS said...

Haha very funny name.