Monday, February 28, 2011

I have just scrolled through Oscar 2011 Red Carpet photos and found some interesting bits.

For one, Christian Bale who I always adore for his good look and acting in Batman.. had just screwed up his totally cool image in my head. This is a bomb to me cause I can't recognize him at all!

Christian Bale in Oscar 2011

Secondly, look at the below photo and tell me who he is.

Christian Bale & Mark Wahlberg at Oscar 2011

Please pardon me for my innocence or being outdated in the celebrity world. At the first glance, I thought it was Matt Damon who is with Christian Bale in that photo. It turns out to be Mark Wahlberg. Are they like brothers or what?!! Cause I can't tell them apart!!!

Another celebrity look-alike is...

Amy Adams at Oscar 2011

Is Amy Adams the one who acted in Enchanted? Checked! Is Amy Adams the one who acted in Julie & Julia? Checked! She too is the one who acted in Night at the Museum, Leap Year and Confession of a Shopaholic. EHHH!! WAIT WAIT!!! NOOOO??? IMDB said it was Isla Fisher who acted in Confession of a Shopaholic. Isla who? Gawdd.. I never knew her existence and have always thought it was Amy Adams cause THEY ARE SO ALIKE!

I have just watched "Life As We Know It" yesterday and thought I saw Matthew Mcconaughey as "Sam" the doctor. I went to IMDB again and found that there is one actor who actually looked like him by the name of Josh Lucas.

And there is one last celebrity look-awhile which I have observed many years ago. This involved Helen Hunt and Jodie Foster. I watched Panic Room and was thinking if it was Hunt or Foster? The answer is actually Foster. How about Pay It Forward? It was Hunt. And the movie Flightplan, it was actually Foster! OMG... I'm making myself so confused. See the attached photo and you'll know what I mean!

It's crazy to be blogging at 11.45pm for this kind of thing. Heading to bed cause tomorrow is Tuesday and guess what, I gotta work!!!! Arrrghhhh!!!