Monday, August 22, 2011

Recently in Pavilion KL, they have just opened Tokyo Street. That street offers all sort of food, desserts, and cute cute stuffs that are very Korean-ish.

Newly opened Tokyo Street @ Pavilion KL

And there seemed to be a big hoo-ha about a ramen shop called Hokkaido Santouka in that Tokyo Street and so I thought of giving it a try during weekend. We went all the way to Pavilion on Sunday to find that there is a long Q at Hokkaido Santouka. Well it was a weekend so it is understandable... While joining the Q, the waitress brought along a menu for us to order in advance. There wasn't much choices to choose from, and a bowl of plain ramen is priced from RM28 - RM 35. I looked closel, flipping the pages from back to forth, forth to back, and did not find anything that attract me to try on that day. So we left... But I really hope that the other choices in the menu would be available soon because I want to at least try it once.

Long Q at Hokkaido Santouka that eventually scares us away..

As I was already starving since we depart from Klang, we simply pick a restaurant at the Tokyo Street for lunch. Came across Takahashi Cafe that seemed to be quite packed and so got the impression that it may be a nice place to eat. But we are proven wrong very quickly... :(

Salad is so-so. Ask Jebsen for more info. Haha!

Unagi spaghetti sucks. The unagi pieces are so thin and has got the not-fresh fish taste. Yucks... In Hokkien we called it "chau cho". Hahaha!

My scallop + prawn pizza on the other hand is acceptable. The thin crust is filled with alot of cheese which is yum yummmm. But the scallop and prawn isn't that fresh and thus spoil the pizza crust.

The meal is expensive too! Total bill of RM80++. Will not go again, and will not recommend any of the food there.

Yummylicious NOT!!! :(