Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's almost 2am and I'm still online!

Gotta wake up at 6am later for my morning jog.

Today something very surprising happened. Thunderstorm causes my house electricity to trip. That's not the shocking part.

The climax is that... we called TNB at 15454 and the operator said the technician will be coming over within 1 - 2 hours. And looking at how our service provider (government) is working, we have the impression that 1 -2 hours actually means "you slowly wait lah.. at least also 3-4 hours lo...".

But then to our surprise, the technician came to our house within 30 minutes!!! They were friendly, and helpful! Fixed our problem quickly, without charge, and 3 hours later, MADE A FOLLOW-UP CALL WITH US!!!! Asked if everything is okay.... (WOW!!!)

Probably voting season is coming and this is just another strategy to gain more votes for BN.

Whatever it is, my family is happy to be served today.

Time to sleep.. else I'll jog / walk like a zombie later.