Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today, I surprised myself with how much anger I have in me. How can my little petite figure contain so much fire inside? At that point of time, I was hoping that the fire would burn me inside out, and then burn the people around me too. Watdaheck was I thinkin!!!

All I want to do now is to shout my lungs out, cry my heart out, and beat the hell out of that person! Gawddd...

Feeling so hurtful and my heart is actually feeling the pinch.. the pain comes together with a set of questions like "What have I did wrong? Why does it hurt so much? Why is he/she doing such thing to me?".

Wanted to get away and not to face it anymore. I do not want to see him/ her nor hear any news about that person. This is how much I hate it.

And now that I am more calm..
I wish I am more forgiving.
I wish I can be soft hearted.
I wish I can stand on someone's shoes.
I wish I can be less-angry and for once, console myself that this misfortune, is actually a blessing in disguise.

BUT THEN AGAIN.. Haihhhh.. Being a good person is always harder.