Thursday, July 15, 2010

June 9th 2010, 5.24pm is the most historical day in my life so far!!!

For the past 2 weeks while I was jobless, I tuned into 104.9FM and heard of this contest called "RM20k Facebook Frenzy". Since i'm a loyal fan of Red FM all these while, I thought "why not!!!". It's very easy to join. I just need to "Like" the Red FM (Malaysia) group in Facebook, tag their "I ♥ redfm" logo above and make it as my profile pic. Then I just need to say something nice about redfm in my status updates. How easy is that huh!!!

Well, I did just that, and instead of my pretty face on FB, I have the above "I ♥ redfm" photo. Everyday for 2 weeks, I would I logged into my Facebook and update my status without fail! Every 8am and 5pm, the DJs would announce the name of the winner they pick! Every time they announce it, that lucky person would win RM1,000!!! Since it's a RM20k contest, there will only be 20 person chosen from the whole members of the Red FM (Malaysia) group! The last time I checked, the group has got 12,700+++ members in it!!! So what's the odd of being the lucky 20 person among 12,700 people? Do the math!

Well, publicizing redfm so constantly and publicly in my FB status updates creates curiosity among all my friends in Facebook. Some of them asked if i'm working with redfm. Some asked how much redfm pay me to advertise for them? Some are kinda sarcastic too! At that time, I was thinking by myself "If i win the money... it will leave all of you speechless! Hahahaaha *evil grin *"

Every 8am.. I wake up despite not working, plug-in my handsfree to my handset so that I could hear the radio.. and again, JD & Dilly did not call my name. I was putting my hope higher every 5pm whenever Terry announce a name. I joined from the very first day.. So 1st winner... 2nd winner.. 3rd winner.. I never missed any of the announcement, keep tuning in wherever I go, in the car, at home, or thru my headset when I'm outside. 18th winner.. I still update my status. Secretly hoping that they would reward this loyal listener. 19th winner was announced on the very last day... 9th June 8.30am. Not me! Ah damn! That's it.. just not my luck!!!

All RM19,000 has been given out! Leaving RM1k.. again, WHAT'S THE ODD?!! So I gave up my hope, and do house chores instead.. figuring out "life goes on.. I didn't lose anything by joining that contest.. so wat-da-heck!". At 5.20pm.. Debbie came into my room, with my PC on, hearing redfm online (please note that online fm is slower that on-air). I was wiping my stuff, mopping the floor.. then Terry the DJ goes.. "I have a name here.. This person is the last winner of RM20k FB Frenzy!!! If that person doesn't call me back within 20 minutes.. will it snowball?! NO!! I will pick another name cause it will end today.. So whoever goes by the name Joyce Yap.. CALL ME BACK WITHIN 20 MINUTES!!!"

I thought I'd die at that moment!!! My hand was shaking so badly.. and I dropped all my stuff and cloth that was on my hand. Pick my handphone and search for "red" cause I saved it in my phonebook (just in case I won.. it will be handy.. tell me about keeping my hopes high!). And IT DID!!! I was shouting "Oh my God" repeated.. all the way till Terry picks up my call! He goes "helloooo...".. and the still very shocked me stupidly says "It's Joyce here!!!" as if like duh... I should go "Hello Terry" right!!! I sounded kinda stupid. Ah who doesn't for being RM1,000 richer!!!

I bet Debbie was laughing all the way when I was on the phone with Terry! Sis so coincidentally came to our house, and I just hugged her shouting "I won RM1k from red fm!!! She then called her son, daughter, and my bro Andy to hear the radio. Mum was putting her hands together saying "God bless you.. you better pray later".. Muahaaaa~

Guess now I can take the RM1k to show off to whoever sarcastically condemned me for supporting Red FM!!! Hahahaaha!

I never knew I'll bump into this kind of luck.. it's like.. I never won anything so far.. NOTHING AT ALL.. REALLY!!! So this is my first time.. and it's HUGE!!!

I really love red fm. This station will continue to be my favourite station ever!!!

Now look at what I've said about red fm before. I guess all these helps to win me the money!!! It's from earliest sequence (first day till the day I won)..


And I will love you so.. Red FM!!!

Gud day Red FM Breakfast Show with JD & Dilly!
I'm waitin 4 Red FM (Malaysia) 20k FB Frenzy,
Every mornin I shout "PICK ME PICK ME!"
My car insurance & roadtax is due 4 some money,
If u didnt pick me in da mornin,
...I hope Terry Ong would surprise me in da evenin,
Keepin my finger crossed while waitin,
♥ u JD,Dilly,Jeremy,Nisha, Ally & Terry!
All your names rhymes wonderfully!

Do you know that listening to Red FM has the same effect as drinking RED Wine?? Yes it does!! RED Wine lowers the risk of heart attack. So does listening to Red FM soothing and relaxing music everyday! I have a good heart.. and a pretty gooodd mooodddd!!!!

My usual day would start with a gloomy morning. Listening to Red FM Breakfast Show with JD & Dilly, both the talk and songs played, put a broad smile on my face. Red FM (Malaysia) has never failed to brighten up my day. "You light up my life". Thanks Red FM!

Red FM's Drive with Terry Ong manage to keep me sane in the insanity of bad road traffic! And hearing Terry said "I ♥ U" makes all the listeners feel like they are remembered, appreciated and loved too (although he didn't say it to me YET). So yeah, we ♥ you too Red FM (Malaysia)!

There r times when u r happy & wan a song to celebrate! There r also times when u r down, & certain songs will bring up the mood & make u groove along with it. And there are also times when u just feel like crying, knowing that u will feel alot better after that. I don't know why.. but Red FM always play just the right... song that attends to my mood. The one & only station I listens to.. Red FM (Malaysia)

Red FM (Malaysia) has the best mix of songs ever~
Billboard charts to keep me updated and great oldies to bring back the memories!
Red FM has been the best companion to me! Lift my spirit up always!!!

Best station with really cool DJs!!! Keep it up Red FM!!! I ♥ Red FM!!!

Winning Red FM's RM20k FB Frenzy is a dream come true for many people! Especially to those who think that they will never win anything from any competition! So Red FM, you did alot of good deed - you are practically playing Santa, or even God!!! No doubt, you will forever be the FASTEST GROWING station that plays the B...EST MUSIC with the COOLEST DJS ever!!! I ♥ Red FM!

Tuning in to ♫ Red FM ♫ is just another normal routine like brushing teeth in the morning. Without ♫ Red FM ♫ in the morning, things just won't work quite well. Hair-do just won't work, breakfast is gonna be tasteless and car just wouldn't start!! Well, everything is colorful only with the presence of Red FM! I ♥ Red F...M for coloring my dull life. Happy morning peeps!!!

Was heading to my car, feelin confused after walkin out from an interview, start my car engine, turn on the air-con n radio.. n guess what!Red FM is playing Body Language!My mood just SNAP! N d next thing I know,I was groovin along with the song!And was laughin away when Terry pesterin a caller, sayin that he likes peo...ple to say dat they love him back Kakaka~See how much Red FM means to me?!U cheered me up!!TQ!!!

My usual day would start with a gloomy morning. Listening to Red FM Breakfast Show with JD & Dilly, both the talk and songs played, put a broad smile on my face. Red FM (Malaysia) has never failed to brighten up my day. "You light up my life". Thanks Red FM!

Isn't it ironic that Red FM is playing the song that I wanna dedicate to Red FM itself???
"Red FM, you're the best thing i never knew I needed.. So when you were here i had no idea.. You're the best thing i never knew i needed.. So now it's so clear i need you here always!"

Red FM is like a fuel to start me off for a great day!!! VRROOMMM VRROOMMMM!!!

8 more hours for the next name to be called! Who will be the lucky winner?? All Red FM crews must be cracking their heads now. Remaining RM4k to fulfill dreams of so many people. Joyce Yap is now singing I Dreamed A Dream!

Great variety of music, updates of news worthy issues, by the coolest group of DJs. Yours truly, Red FM! I ♥ you!!! (Saying this often doesn't make it worth less as per Terry)

And these are the status updates when I won the money!!!

Can't explain how happy, excited and thrilled I am!!! Am still shouting to everyone now that I've won RM1k!!!!

I ♥ Red FM! Thank you for making me one of the lucky winner for the RM20k FB Frenzy! There's more to give away starting from today! So everyone, tune in to Red FM to gain your share of RM60k Music Takeaway! It's as easy as sending a SMS! ;)

Please answer the below questions:-

Which station play the best music?
Red FM!

...Which station has the coolest DJ?
Red FM!

Which station rock your world?
Red FM!

Which station gather us as ONE BIG FAMILY who shares mutual interest in music?
Red FM!

Which station make our heart pounding like mad and almost pengsan every 8am and 5pm for the past 2 weeks?
Red FM!!!

Which station offers RM RM RM to their listeners?
Red FM!!!

Which station we love the most?

I ♥ YOU RED FM, Terry, JD, Dilly, Aly, Nisha and Jeremy!!!

Thank you and I ♥ you Terry Ong!!!
This is the very first time I won something from any contest /event I participated!
I ♥ ♥ ♥ U!!!

There's a saying "To have joy, one must share..."
Red FM shares not only great music, but great great laughter with the always-so-entertaining-DJs, and of course, sharing cash frenzy with all the listeners!
So THANK YOU Red FM for giving so much JOY to so many people!!! I ♥ Red FM!!!

And this is what they put in their website under "Here's what people are saying about Red FM. Have you had your say yet?"
"What I love about Red FM is for the none-cluttered ad space. The music played is my type, and I love sentimental, oldies and love songs played by you guys. Red FM is the definitely the best station ever for me! ;)"
-Shu Ling, Joyce

Now that's alot of "something nice" right? Prolly they're afraid of me spamming their webpage.. so let me win so that I'd stop?! Nah~ you're so wrong!!! They want and need this kind of loyal fans! That's why saving the best for last! Now see I'm advertising for them in my own blog (only if there's more readers, then it would really be an effective form of advertising).

So there you go.. I really do love redfm!!! The one and only stations that don't make me switch to other station, and the only station that give me money just by listening!!!