Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 has been quite a year for me. 
Starting off pretty harsh taking into consideration of the sad trail of end 2012.

Nevertheless, it was the pain, the sadness, the harsh truth of life,
that put me up into the very best of 2013.

It was the most productive year of my life - yes it is! 

Early 2013.. I was looking for a distraction.
And I thought it was merely to distract me from my negative feelings,
and somehow one thing led to another and I am getting more excited
of knowing new things, and doing things I never thought I would do!


FAILED. Still intended to learn freestyle and thread water. 
Any patient coach that wouldn't vomit blood teaching me?


Proud to say that this is a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
It all started from overcoming my fear of water which was scary!
I then forced myself to take up license for my OWC,
and finally, to dive at the much-talked about diving paradise, Sipadan.
It was beautiful. Haven't get to blog about it yet.. time time time... 


Hell yeah I've conquered the mountain! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! 
It took months of preparation and training, and I've realized
that it's all bullshit when people tells me that I'm always sick and thus,
too weak to be climbing any mountain, needless to say Mount KK.
Now I'm a living proof that the mental strength overcomes all the physical weakness in you!


This is a little hard to judge. I am happy now. But I could be happier.
I'll never give up on this, and in 2014, I'll be heading for it with 
my bull's head running furious, hard and strong! 

5) 42 KG !!! 

I figure how could this end up in my resolution 2013 at the first place?
It is impossible for the petite me to lose 3kgs! But in a year? FML!
Fine, I'll get this done in 2014 - hopefully.
More carrot sticks, no fries.
More push ups, no bumming around.
More sleep, no zombie-ing.

Now that I've got some unfinished business to do, it shall be carried forward to 2014.
Leaving me ample of time to laze around for awhile before working my arse out again. Tee-hee!

Aside from 2013 resolution, there are also some turnaround of events
in terms of my career, friendship and social life.

During the good and bad times, were also times when I lost 
some friends, and realized who are the one who genuinely cares for me. 
Friends who always stood by me as my pillar of strength.
I thank you all for accepting me for who I am.
And could I just selfishly request that we have more of these years to come?

Second half of 2013 has hit me hard as I've lost a dear friend.
I've known Jebsen for 8 years, he was Vince best friend.
He was my foe-kind-of-friend. 
What best described us is that we're like cats and dogs.
We would fight whenever we meet.
Cancer took him away from us. 
And all I could wish for him now is that he rest in peace.
We misses you dearly my friend.

Photo taken when we were relatively young at age.. hehe!

Crawling towards end of 2013, I was getting a little anti-social.
Losing faith and trust in friends especially men, believing that each one has their
own agenda and hidden intention, I was afraid to give.
Spending time with them was like giving them opportunities to expose me,
to look into what's inside me, and to use it against me.
So I decided to just stay home and mingle with those I called close friends.

This has also affected my relationship with my family.
Was too sad and disappointed that I kept myself behind closed door. 

And then the end of 2013 proves to be a challenging year for my career
as well as there were much uncertainties waiting for me.
I seemed to be pushing the wrong buttons everytime I make a move.
It could be lacking my sense of judgement, or perhaps I'm getting impatient?

That said, I'm looking forward to a better year. To be a better person.
Shoosh the snake and comes the horseeyyy!!!

Working out on my bucket list and hope I'll conquer all it!

Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no river wide enough for me! :)