Thursday, January 9, 2014

Facebook, as a social platform for everyone to share almost everything - from a photo of a roti canai made glamorous using Instagram, to uncommentable status such as "haha I'm so drunk" (wow I'm impressed... drunk still can use FB), to hundred photos of the same rainbow on a particular day, still, Facebook do has its own drawbacks.

In Facebook, we can practically say anything or everything we want! Without having to be responsible for any of it! Yay to freedom of speech!!!


One disadvantages that I can deeply relate to especially today...

Is that... there are things I couldn't say because this genius here added too many office associates!!!

... and I just couldn't find in my right mind to say this out loud... "I REALLY HATE MY JOB!"

So in this case, announcing my REAL FEELINGS for my job do have its consequences. Either I get sent to a boring motivational bootcamp, or I get a not-so-lovely memo.

Well, we can always put our status on PRIVATE. But then, it wouldn't be fun anymore isn't it? Afterall, things are posted for an ultimate reason - ATTENTION.

And I'm amazed by how much attention one could get in FB. How did some FB user's "GOODNIGHT!" status hit 30 likes from fellow FB friends?

Ahhh shooot! Goodnight!