Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Have you ever been ignored for a long time by someone u considered a good friend?

Ignoring as in have not been bugging you as often as they used to, messaging you irrelevant stuff just their way of saying "HI", dating you out for a meal etc?

And this happened out of a sudden. Without warning or hint that something is wrong. How does it makes you feel?

I can answer that. It SUCKS.

Coz in all those time that they have ignored you, comes an ultimate question... "WHY? DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG?".

I've been in the exact same situation for numerous times last year. And with my attitude for always in need to keeping things straight, would seek for clarification.

In all the situation that I've been ignored, the answer is that they did it on purpose due to some "complicated situation" that they are facing. But I'm glad that we cleared things up and instantly became friends back and turned out to be closer than ever!

But I'm forced to deal with this situation again now. WHAT DID I DO WRONG?

I wish that people could just talk to me. Taking this step is just as good as breaking a friendship, forgetting all the bonding and trust we have built all these while as friends.

What does friendship mean if you can just delete them away from your life?