Monday, January 6, 2014

The best month of the year is always N.O.V.E.M.B.E.R.

It's my birthday month!

So what?
I get to celebrate!

There's plenty of birthday treats.... food for me.. for freeeeee!!! Yippiieeeee!!!

The G3 Kitchen & Bar is the very first stop of my birthday treats/
Brought by Vince, I was told that they serve pretty good breakfast.

So here goes...

A healthy person picked a healthy cup of juice consisting of orange + ginger.
An odd combination and but the heck, it tasted just fine and refreshing.

bangsar popular food outlet eatery
Healthy juice - RM12

Vince got himself a typical breakfast drink - cappuccino
I wouldn't say that it's great, and it tasted just like an average cappuccino.
Probably they should have add a little more hint of coffee in there.

bangsar popular food outlet eatery
Cappuccino - RM9

For starters, we ordered grilled scallops with orange and carrot salad.
For a RM26 starter, we were served two huge scallops and it were fresh and juicy.
Love the unique combination of salad with a slight taste of fruit dressing.

bangsar popular food outlet eatery
Grilled scallops with orange and carrot salad - RM26

The scrambled eggs with salmon however, was a disappointment.
The eggs tasted bland. And the existence of salmon was almost unnoticeable on that dish.
The only consolation for me is the hash brown, which wouldn't have gone wrong.

bangsar popular food outlet eatery
Scrambled eggs with salmon - forgotten the price.

When Vince ordered the Spiced Lamb Burger with Tazaki, Feta and Fries
I was thinking "why larhhhh?".
I wasn't impressed by my first try of lamb burger at Antipodean, and it
somehow left me uninterested to try it again.
I was lucky as G3 shed a whole new light about lamb burger.
The patty was thick and not too dry. Love the little spiciness in it too!

bangsar popular food outlet eatery
Spiced Lamb Burger with Tazaki, Feta & Fries - RM22

This place is probably another eatery that I may want to try again.
There are also a whole list of wine selection and amazing wine display for one to choose!

A quick verdict for G3

Ambiance - 8/10 (Service was good and it's a comfy place)
Food - 6/10 (Scrambled screw it up, sorry)
Price - 6/10 (A little to the high side, especially for the starter)

Details for the interested

Address : 19, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 K.L
Contact No : +603-2282 9019