Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The past few weeks have been either very dull and boring, or very exciting!

Stayed at Vince house for 2 weeks, and spent alot of money on food! I do feel a little bit sakit hati whenever I hand over the money to the cashier, but the thoughts of me starting work soon, kind of keeps me going more and more for food! Imagine I have a credit card! I would use up all my "future money" eh?!

This is the last week of freedom for me! Gonna start work next week, and it seriously freaks me out! Being so laid back for the past 4years, and going back to the work force soon, its like deja vu! The mixed feeling of being financially independent, but yet a tied up life with not much time to hang out anymore. And not to mention the responsibility of being an employee, no longer a student who are liable to their own academic result. Entering this world means responsible for own self, and the possibility of getting fired! Goshhh... scarie scarieeee!!!

The first payslip is the only thing I'm looking forward to right now.. money money money!!! Earning lotsa money is my mission!!! Ngek ngek ngek!!!