Sunday, July 12, 2009

This week was supposed to be my first week of work, ended up, I worked for half a day and go jobless for the enire week. To my dismay, CSC wasn't expecting me. Something went wrong somewhere and me going there was a total surprise to them! Felt like a complete fool that day! It was one of the worst day I had in my life!!! Made me feel like an idiot... geezzz!!!

But things turned from dark cloudy day to a bright sunny sky in a second!!! On the same day, other company called, offering me something lesser, but I believe is something more relevant to what I am looking for. So I'm officially working starting next Wednesday!!! When pay cheque start coming in, that's when I'll start to enjoy 2 of my favourite hobbies - eat and travel!!! Hoooraaayyyy!!!

Recently, things hasn't been smooth for me. Did I grow up or something? Why isn't things I looked initially not enough for me now? Why do I always feel like I'm lacking of something? Sometimes I wish that I won't grow up.. or should I say grow old?! :P So that I'll keep my expectation lower, and easily satisfied with what I have in life. But in reality... haihhh...

Joyce need to be loved... need lots of XOXOXO... !!