Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It is Tuesday. And yeah.. my day started with a fright!!!!!

As usual, I brush my teeth, grab my towels, and head to the bathroom, unaware that the bathroom would be the place of horror today!!!

I entered the bathroom, took off my pajamas, and turned around to shower.. and then I saw…. A WORM!!! A black, and blardey long worm, its about 4-5 inches I guess!!! It was sticking in the line of between two tiles, and it was so obvious when its head was moving down… ARGGHHH!!!

I screamed and shouted for mum “MAK-EE!!! AHHH… MAK-EE AHHH!!!” while covering myself with towel and run out from the bathroom, continue shouting for help.

So worm vs Joyce = Joyce surrender!

Mum ran out from the kitchen and look for what I claimed to be a worm, and instead of consoling me, she said “It’s not a worm la.. worm won’t be so long and black one.. should be red.. this is a baby snake!”.

AHHHHH!!!!! Snake?!!! What?!!! You said SNAKE??!!!

Mum discussed with dad on how to “dispose” this ugly, slimy, freaking scary creature.. mum said it’s better to throw the snake into the toilet bowl and flush it, and dad said just open up the floor trap, splash water on it till it drops into the floor trap.

Mum did just that. And the snake is gone. But my phobia and fright is still there! I can’t even make myself to put my leg to enter the bathroom! The idea of snake being in the bathroom is still there! I even consider not to take my bath and just go to work, but mum said “Mai siao la! Bho liao la!” meaning “Don’t be silly! It’s gone!”.

This time, snake vs mum = Mum won!

So I push myself to forget about the snake (which is damn hard), and concentrate in taking my blardey shower and go to work! I tighten the tie from my towel, and clip my hair up (my hair was reaching waistline length). While I was bathing, I kept feeling like there’s other things in my bathroom. And I kept feeling that there’s something sticking on my back/shoulder or something falling down on me (imagining the snake is still there, and crawling up to my body). I turned around and looked at my back – nope, it’s my hair. Feel it again, looked back – yup, it’s my hair. This continues till I finish my bath.

Damn the snake, and damn the rain that leads all sorts of creature into my home!

This evening I’ll definitely get dad or mum to inspect the whole bathroom before I go in for my shower. Agghhhh…