Saturday, June 13, 2009

Being MIA for quite some time now. Most of the time, problems seems too complicated to be written and explained. Emotion conquer rational thinking, and words just don't come smoothly when I tried to type it all out. All I wanted to type are "f*ck, sh*t, d*mn", which will definitely be a start of a very unhealthy blog here. Haha..

I think I've been officially jobless for 2 months now. It took me weeks to get over the fact that I won't be able to finish my Degree, another few more weeks applying for whatever job that comes along, and a week or two to decide my path of career. Well, I would say I won't be joining the Advertising field afterall. The major thing to consider now is how much I would get as a fresh grad in this field vs how much I would be paid for with my 5yrs experience in Customer Service. Well, call me short sighted, but I really do made a clear and precise list of pros n cons of both sides. My age, the financial need, fields that my mum prohibited me to enter etc, guess this is the best decision i can make now.

Am still looking for jobs, and currently placing the biggest bet at CSC, a company Barry worked with previously.

Family issues, well, still there, and can never be solved.

Relationships, hmmm.. spending alot of time with friends and stuff, like it and love it.

Nothing much to be said.. except that.. I'm trying to make the best out of everything given to me now. And making a big effort myself. I am very very very fed up and bored of just sitting there regretting over stuff, complaining, blaming on others etc and doing nothing for myself.

I am glad I helped myself alot recently. Things will get better if I want it to be! No more self pity!