Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm back guys!

Believe it or not, I have 9 drafts of blog post.
All needed some penning before I could post it up.

Another random post here.
Since recently I've been busy eating from Klang to PJ to KL, even to Penang,
thought of posting some good photos up (altho some may have seen in my FB).

Simple yet yummy lunch around my office area.

Momento Cafe.

Operated by young owners - who happened to be staying at Eco Park.

They serve good coffee. This round we ordered cappuccino. Not bad actually.

Seafood pasta was delicious. Fresh ingredients. We enjoyed every bit of it!

Chicken pie with mashed potatoes was aweeesome!
The crust is thin with very satisfying fillings.
Mashed potato sauce however, urmm... tasted like it's from
the Maggi mashed potato pack or something?

We also ordered ourselves from peperoni pizza. Cheezy - me likey!
Shouldn't have it at the first place.
But what the heck. Hantam aje - the usual devil's line.

Since eating have been my one and only professional hobby now,
I guess there's more reason to exercise!

To those who commented that I'm lucky coz I get
to stay fit although I've been eating mad,
you are soooo... wrong!

Photo below taken after my 3 hours hike at Gunung Gasing.
I do work out, see?!!

And I've been gaining weight yoooo!!!


Going to get ready for my badminton session now...
( see see see.....)