Thursday, June 27, 2013

All my years
I have fought my battle
Faced my greatest fears
Overcome all my pain
Tasted every sweet victory
After putting on a fight filled with tears sweat and blood

But there is one fight that I will never win
The one I have to endure the pain for as long as I am alive

The one battle that is called..

The Menstrual Pain

Oopsss... Too much details. Again on sick relief at home. 

Heard many people say "Get married lah, then no more menstrual pain".

I was like "Duh.. What century u living in? Like it or not, people nowadays already started their 'project' whether they married or not, so u mean that marriage license act like an antidote to your pain ahh!!!" #+$@&%!!!!!

A short ranting session. Adios!