Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wow~ it has been a long tiring day and although I have total access to Internet via Nelson's PC (as he moved out to live with his gf), I have got not much time to blog.

Well, what's interesting.. hmm~

Oh ya! I did get a few pairs of nice woolen socks!!! And I saw this cute little pink boots, and it's cotton!!! At the label it read "Home socks". Now that's nice! Bought 3 pairs of woolen socks for AUD5 and the cute boots for just AUD8!!! Wearing both of it keeps my feet warm at night. Emmm niceeee!!!

I guess what interest me the most here in Australia is how the sky looks like! It has a clear blue sky, and sometimes the view of the fluffy clouds just awed me! Guess the skyscrapers and amount of vehicle in Malaysia polluted the air and scenery. Thus I don't even bother to look at the sky while I'm in Malaysia as the only thing I see is this gray dirty air filling up the atmosphere.

And I had the most wonderful dinner at uncle's place last night! His youngest son, who is my cousin Teong Jin, is a chef - a master chef indeed! He cooked several food which I clearly forgotten the name, but remembered a few like T-bone steak with his special made onion sauce, served with grilled potatoes and cauliflower baked in cheese.

PLEASE DO COMPREHEND WITH THE QUALITY OF MY PHOTOS. Firstly, I was late and everyone had already stirred up the food. Secondly, I was too busy that I just kept snapping away when I saw the food, without putting any effort to make it look nicer. Thirdly, I was hungry and cold and thus hand shaking.. sob sob!

This is not the only food he served. It is just 10% of it. He served 2 different type of pasta - spaghettini and penne! No photo of it.. soweyy..

And one food that blown me off is the greek lasagna called moussaka! Instead of having layers of pasta, cheese and sauce, Teong made this moussaka by having layers of minced lamb spaghetti sauce, brinjals and cheese! I can't describe how much I enjoyed this dish, as I just kept eating it and thinking if this is how heaven taste like, I don't mind dying young!!! Haha!!!

HE also cooked beef casserole with big onions and ham! Gawd.. how lovely it taste..

OMG I JUST SPILLED RED WINE ON NELSON'S DESK! Was reaching for my persimmons and my big sweater kinda get onto the glass.. yicks!!! Well, it's all cleaned up now!

Okay, now back to the beef casserole, the chunks of beef is just so tender and juicy, the casserole has a little bit of wine taste too!

Next is the fish! It's just like fish fillet, but this is Teong's version. He minched the fish, mix it with some corn, potatoes and other ingredients, and fry it with bread crumbs. It taste so good by itself already, and when Teong offered us some tartar sauce which he made specially for this fish, I was practically begging for God to give me more chambers in my small tummy. The tartar sauce was delicious! It has the usual ingredients, but Teong added some anchovies (unique eh!) and some red wine too!

Lemme think.. next next.. OH ya!!! There's this chicken with some yellow gravy. It taste like cheese, and mushroom, and it was superb!!! You might be asking yourself by now "WAA.. REALLY EVERYTHING OSO NICE MEH!!!". But it really is! Teong's food has never fail us... not even near... as he just kept blowing us away!!! This chicken was so tender and it is filled with the aromatic sauce of cheese and mushroom (I hope I don't get the taste wrong as every dishes as its own aroma and such a strong taste!)

There's some more.. He made some salad for those who are very health conscious. It has many types of vegetables, and I'm a really big fan of baby tomatoes.. and it might surprise you on what he put in the salad. It's like this square chunk of hard cheese! I never get to taste this as I was too full and salad isn't really my thing. I took all the baby tomatoes instead.

For the grand finale, he prepared some puddings. This chocolate pudding is dipped inside a sweet sauce of red dates. I just grab a bite from Rachel as I was simply too full to be putting anymore food!!! Clearly God didn't grant my wish that day!

Talking about food, guess what I had for supper! Had a super heavy one cause the weather is too cold and I kept getting hungry. It's 8 degrees now and I had a big bowl of rice with pork ribs curry and sambal prawns prepared by mum and aunty. Both prepares authentic nyonya food and I'm in good hands even in foreign country. With them around, I'll never starve! And am expecting to gain a few kilos when I'm back to Malaysia.

Weighing machine shows the same figure - 43kg. And sometimes dropped to 42kg. This cold weather is giving a good treatment. Body is working so hard to keep my body warm and thus burning all my fats! Horrayyyy!!!

Well it's almost 11pm now. And I better get to sleep before the weather gets colder. One of my aunty said that the weather forecast for tomorrow is super cold. We are advised to put on our beanie, covering up our ears and of course, wearing our thermal, sweaters, woolen socks, whatever to keep our body warm.

I do hope to hear from some friends by now. Felt kind of distanced with my dear ones in Malaysia since my mobile is out of service. Stupid Maxis isn't gonna activate the International Roaming Services until they get the green light from Vince. But he's currently holidaying at Pulau Sibu and thus out of reach.

Seriously, I just had a boring day as I've been staying at home the entire day. Was hoping to go somewhere tomorrow.

Tata and nite nite my dear bloggie..