Saturday, June 5, 2010

I am in Perth now!!!

(am not as excited as it sounds)

Can I be frank here? Well, since this is my blog.. and no one is reading it.. why bother right!

To be FRANK.. I wasn't excited about this trip. Maybe just a little, but not very much. The excitement for this trip has been overshadowed by my anticipation towards last day at work. The only thing on my mind is "I'm gonna leave soon.. HORRAY!!!". Probably the feeling of leaving a sucky place to work is far more relieve to know, than to leave for holiday.

And when I'm finally here, am not very excited too. One thing for sure, I'm not going to enjoy winter. Been to China, done holidaying during winter. The most scariest part about winter.. is taking a bath!!!

Am very very very afraid whenever I think about taking a bath, and how chilling it would be once I step out from the hot shower. Every single bone from my head to toe, to the little pinkie toes gonna shiver and be shaking till I apply talcum powder and when I finally put on my long john.

Although this is just a holiday, and to recce the place abit, I don't think I wanna migrate here as winter is gonna be hard on me.

But I gotta give credit to myself, as I was a being heroic in the afternoon, went out to cycle in the park with my nieces without any jacket or sweater on. Just a polo-T, jeans and slipper. Joyce who usually have cold hands and feet did what?!! Went out just like this to the park during winter?!! Uh-huh, Joyce did just that!!! And she didn't feel a thing!!! *yippiee* (not that she's too cold or numb okay...)

This is a pic of me taken moment ago.. all curled up under the warmth provided by my dear Mr. Long John, sweater and tracksuit. Going to the market tomorrow morning to grab a few pairs of woolen socks to protect my usually cold feet!

Sob sob.. missing the sun in Malaysia now. It will melt all the ice from my hands n feet!

Signing off now my dear Blogspot. Had a very tiring day and energy needed for more activities here at Perth tomorrow. Nite nite..