Friday, September 3, 2010

Pose. Click. Snap!

That's how easy it is to take a photo!

How if there's photoSSSS and requires you to stay under the hot sun for 2-3 hours, and during that time, you keep smiling, pretending to be happily chatting away with your "photoshooting boyfriend"?

We both were so tired and bored of smiling, and we just got to talk about something that makes us laugh. That way, the photos would turn out to look better.

I took the initiative to tell my "bf" a joke. A joke that never fails to make me laugh, regardless of how many times I've been told. Vince did that joke for like 10-20 times, and before he finish talking, I would be laughing away already. So... I decided to tell that joke to make my "bf" laugh, and here it goes..

There are 3 women who break out from the jail.
One redhead, one brunette, and a blondie.
They escaped and while running away from the guards, they found gunny bags in a factory and decided to hide inside it.
Then the guards came and saw these 3 gunny sacks.
Kicked it. Redhead says "meowwwww". Guard goes "Ohh.. it's a cat".
Guard go kicking on the second one. Brunette goes "Woof woof!!!" and guard says "Ahh.. it's a dog".
The guard then kick on the third one. Blondie goes "POTATO!"

After writing this, I'm actually still laughing.. by myself!!!

Too bad my attempt to crack a joke, DID NOT WORK! As my "bf" asked "why she says potato???".

Ah well... good night!!!


王子 said...

wedding photo ?

Joyce Yap said...

No it's not.. just helping for company's photoshooting for publication materials.. :)