Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I've finally got some new photos to share!!!

These photos are taken by the petite yet beautiful Choo Sung Sung during our gathering last week. Had a great time meeting up with my ex-colleagues cum friends. They've been a very good colleagues and companion throughout my time at Star Cruises.

l - r : Margaret, Wyrene, Maggie, Joyce, Alicia, Sung Sung, Barry

Now look at the below photos..

Sung Sung and Barry

Photos taken last year : Barry, Alicia, Sung Sung and Joyce

Now tell me that Sung Sung and Barry has got the "hubby wifey" look!

They have a huge degree of resemblance! Since they are not related, I believe they would be a very cute couple! Both small and petite, and all the small figures like eyes, nose and mouth too! The kepoh me really want to see them hit it off as a couple since they are both single. Together, we shall call them Yap Bung Bung!!!