Wednesday, September 15, 2010

These are some of the photos taken for the 3 days of photo shooting. There are total of 200++ photos. But only manage to share some here. Am doing it for fun and as a favor for company's promotional material for Setia Eco Park, particularly Sunburst Plateau. It's something new for me, and I really enjoyed it! These are the raw files, have not been edited yet. So please bear with me.. :)

day 1 : Sunburst Plateau with Lim

Photo #1 : Sunburst plateau as a romantic place for couple to enjoy beautiful sunflowers and each others companionship.

Photo #2 - 5 : Trying to create an impression as if we're surrounded by thousands of sunflowers! And the truth is, WE ARE SURROUNDED BY 4,000 SUNFLOWERS! I really love these photos because of the vivid colors! How the sunflowers are beautifully contrast with the blue sky and green tall stalks. It looks like wedding photos to me. "Will you marry me Lim?". Haha!

day 2 : Summer Garden with Nelson

Photo #1 & 2 : Photos taken by a photographer on a 2 storey high crane. The talents are only used to compliment the park and sunburst plateau. One thing that really catches my eyes are the sunlight and dragonflies!

Photo #3 onwards : All these photos require us to face the sun. It is really hard to keep our eyes opened. But after looking at these photos and the sunlight reflecting on our face, it really is worth it having our face BBQ-ed after that. Hahaha~

Photo #10 - 14 : Feeding the ducks! These photos seriously doesn't look like it's taken locally. Look at photo #12 and you can actually see the ducks are coming one by one - like forming a line. It just takes my breath away just looking at the scenery and ducks!

Photos 15 - 17 : At the rose garden. I just wish that there are more roses. These roses look like it's almost dying. Alex said they look like lacking of nutrition, I could not agree more! Hahahaha!

day 3 : wildflower with Nelson

Photos #1 - 10 : The below are my favorite photos. When we first arrive there, it looks like an ordinary park for me. But how the photographer capture the photos from certain angle, makes the park looks like something else!

Photos #11- 13 : More food for the ducks! The white ducks are BIG BULLIES! They will dash to the food and chase the mandarin ducks away. They are just so garang! Those mandarin ducks (in brown) is much smaller then the white ones. Now I know why.. they could not get any food! Geram!!!

I was quite afraid that the chubby me would spoil the photos. Well, I did to. I looked FAT in some of the photos. But no complaints received so far about me ruining the photos. *phew*

My sharing stops here. Those who wonder where this place is, it is actually one of the park in Setia Eco-Park.

Have a great day ya'all! :)