Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weight : Extremely slow in losing weight but I'm almost there.
Target : 42kg.

Mum said I'm crazy. Others said I've got nothing more to lose.
Me : What you mean?! Tummy, arms buttocks, thighs, oh ya, where's my knees!!!

Mood : Busy. Lazy. Jolly. Talk about flexibility.

Work - Sport - Rest - Work - Sport - Rest - and the cycle never ends.

Missing Barry. Have not seen him for days.
Missing Alicia. Heard she's coping with baby Ayden. Bathing, feeding and poop cleaning.
Missing Rachel. Wonder how is she at Sabah.
Missing ET. As usual. When is he coming back?
Missing the gang (Kayvin, Sharon, Michelle, Azlan & Vivenn). I have to make time to visit Kayvin's cafe soon!

Am making plans for holiday with my bestie. First holiday with Vince. Weird. We have not been for any holiday in that 6 years of courtship. And the first trip that we are going to, is as ex-bf / ex-gf. But irregardless, I know I'm going to enjoy his companionship - as always.

Hope the trip is gonna work out as planned. Especially the diving part.

Some said I've changed. Once Joyce who always seek for serenity, peace, relaxing activities that involves only food and movies, has now changed to swimming, gym, hiking and WHAT? DIVING?!!!

They said I'm weird. As if I'm trying to prove something. Or avoid something.

Prolly all I wanted is to keep myself busy. Distracting me from nonsense thoughts, painful memories, bad feelings.

But the positive side of this is that, Joyce will no longer be the same. She is living her life to the max. Learning new things every single day. Little achievement satisfies her. Big achievement makes her proud. Enough of unhappiness and disappointment. Now Joyce can make herself happy and contented - in her own way - supported or not - she's going to do this.

Bukit Gasing last Saturday. Huff and puff yes. But I did it!
Apek Hill this coming Saturday with Setia Eagles. Will I soar... or sore?!!

So... wish me luck!

Till the next boring post, ADIOS and TAKE CARE!!!