Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Many things I wanted to say.. but it's so hard to put in words how I feel.. and kinda lazy to type it all out.

All I know is ever since my plan to UK has been put off last minute, many other things are not running smoothly too! All single plan I drafted for myself has been sabotaged! I wonder if the whole year 2009 gonna be like this?!!

Time passes me by without realizing it, and what I know is.. I'm afraid and lazy to start work. I need more time to re-schedule my things. At the meantime, I wanna spend time having fun.. Going out with friends.. Take some fresh air in a park.. Try some yummy food.. Can I laze around for a few more months..???

So many problems.. did many stupid mistakes.. having dilemmas every single day.. Just so downnnnnn~ Filled with negative energy all around me.. I need to get away!!!!!!!!!