Sunday, August 5, 2012

Malaysia has never been close to getting any medal in Olympics, yes, NEVER.

But when this skinny guy came along into the badminton arena, we knew he would bring us glory in the Olympics.

Lee Chong Wei, who has been upgraded to Dato'ship status for bringing home the silver medal in 2008 Olympic Games in men single, has vowed to exchange his silver for a gold in the 2012 Olympics.

I still prefer to call him Chong Wei coz he's my age. Dato Lee makes him sound like an old guy.

Ok back to 2012 Olympics in London, it was published in the local newspaper that if our Malaysian hero brings back a gold medal, there will be free Baskin Robbins for everyone!!!! Malaysia is putting high hopes in badminton and cycling to win us a the very first gold medal. And many have anticipated the free ice creams... :S

malaysia olympics 2012 baskin robbins

Tonight, Chong Wei has played against his longtime rival Lin Dan from China, who was the one who defeated him in the 2008 Olympics.

Malaysia badminton Olympics 2012

After a much fought, and well played game, it is indeed devastated to see Chong Wei lost in the last set. He was soooo close!

Score tonight, Malaysia - China, 21-15, 10-21 and final set, 19-21.

We seen the effort that Chong Wei has put into this game despite the injury he got two months ago. So we are still proud of his victory in getting the silver medal. It crushed my heart to see him crying in the medal giving ceremony.

silver badminton olympics 2012

silver badminton olympics 2012

silver badminton olympics 2012

And regardless of his effort, many still complaining about not getting their free ice-creams and holiday. I really wanted to shout at them "an ice-cream cost less than RM10.00. But our Dato Lee is pressurized to win the gold medal not for your stupid ice-cream. He fought for the pride of our Malaysian people!!!"

It's so sad seeing the mentality of Malaysians. You cheapo Malaysians are a shame!!! Like really... WTF?!!!

Dato' Lee Chong Wei, you are our hero, and will always be one. You did Malaysia proud!!!

Now that Dato' Lee is retiring, I wonder who will be the next hero to try grab a gold medal for our country? Too bad squash is not in the Olympics, else I bet our Dato' Nicol David will make us proud too!

And for those cheapos who are still grumbling over your free ice-cream and holidays, go wait for every Wednesday to get your Pink Day ice-cream from Baskin Robbins!!!

For consolation for those who felt bad for Chong Wei, look at this.

I think Lin Dan really "yong suey", even the organizer dowan to give him the extra point for his gold medal. 1-2 it stated. Blueks!


Joyce Yap said...

I like comments from my friends in FB when I posted video about LCW after he won the silver. So I just wanted to share the comments here.

Irene Soo
He is a star tonight! And yes, for those who grumbled that he lost because they couldn't get their free ice cream, well these people are so insensitive and shallow. If they want the BR ice cream so badly, just go and get it! Damn.

Michelle Eng
When i was small, i mean, really really small,
ice-cream & holidays are paradise..(get it?!!)
So, grow up!
I'm with Irene Soo. Its way pass my tea-time & i can still "see" & "hear" people whine (in my FB & elsewhere)..Stop whining people, he's our hero!

Irene Soo
Yes, agree with Michelle...and they say, there goes our ice cream! Well the ice-cream is always there..but we might not get another hero like LCW for Malaysia who can play at that level. So I hope people will be more supportive of our sportsmen irregardless of victory. It's indeed a victory for Malaysia as we earned a silver!

Michelle Eng
‎...with or without Gold, Dato' LCW is still our hero.
I'm with Joyce Yap: ...crush my heart to see him cry! He's already went all out to do his best.

Malaysians united for 2 hours to watch how Sports through Badminton, played during the Olympics's Finals gather all People regardless of Race, Political affiliations and associations together to cheer and to celebrate! We may not have won Gold, but we did see all Malaysians unite behind a Hero - Our Lee Chong Wei! Our No.1 Badminton Player in our Hearts!

Kayvin Sia commented on
Please fight for unity not condemning another Malaysian patriot who puts his sweat and tears for us through the Olympics. It was a well fought match and even Dato Lee Chong wei earns respect from Lin Dan and Lin dan's fan club back in china. Where is your semangat Satu Malaysia? where is your support. It is very sad to see such a comment from a politician.Dato Lee shall come back as our hero! I need no Baskin Robbins to show my support. I will be proud to be a Malaysian and let Dato Lee be our role model.

Michael Lee
just got home and heard the news of our national hero, Dato' Lee Chong Wei. there's nothing to be sad really, he has done his level best and just that his opponent is very lucky this time. to me, Dato' is already a winner as he has got the fullest attention of all Malaysians staying united as one cheering for him throughout the entire battle... a truly hero! bravo... bravo...

Rafe Kwb
Pointless & stupid publicity...
IF Malaysia (Lee Chong Wei) gets the GOLD in badminton, we got free ice cream, holiday, free vouchers this that whatever..... Seriously, Malaysia people GET A LIFE !!!!!!

Yvonne Tan
Thank you so much for you have made the flag of Malaysia rise to the world.